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For my Romanian readers: If possible, please read the English version of this holiday essentials article, it is more detailed.


Since so many of you guys are traveling somewhere for the 1st of May, I have decided to share with you my HOLIDAY ESSENTIALS LIST. ♥

All of the items in this list are absolute must-haves that I always take with me no matter where I go for the holidays. If you already have a very detailed travel essentials list, make sure to compare it with this one. Who knows what you might discover? Also, if you have noticed some really important thing that is on your list and not on mine, please let me know in the comments section below! I am really curious to find out if I have missed anything.

LATER EDIT: Ok… I know I said that I would stick to the essentials, but I just couldn’t. Therefore, you will find below all the possible and impossible things that you could take with you on a one week holiday. I hope they will inspire you and help you with the packing process. 🙂

Without further ado, let’s move on to the actual list:


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Here is the second part of my travel essentials list (check out the first part HERE). As I have mentioned in the previous post, this list contains items that you should take with you no matter where you go. As you might notice, I have added items such as shampoo or blow dryer, which you might also have at the hotel, but if you are not sure that the hotel that you have chosen offers the things mentioned above, you should take them with you, just in case.

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