At the end of the Glamour Street Fashion Show event, everybody received a gift bag with some awesome goodies. One of them was the WELLA dry shampoo. As soon as I saw it I started jumping up and down in my bedroom, because I have been thinking about purchasing a dry shampoo since the first time I heard about the existence of such product, but I would always say that maybe it’s better not to buy one and it’s healthier to just wash my hair. But I have arrived to the conclusion that there are some days when you simply don’t have time or you are not in the mood to wash your hair, and that’s when a dry shampoo comes in handy.

I have to mention that my hair doesn’t get greasy very fast, I wash it every three days, but sometimes during the third day I start to feel kind of uncomfortable because my hair is getting farther and farther from looking clean. That’s when I get some help from my hair bff, WELLA.     


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