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Recently I’ve been trying to become more social – I know, perfect timing.
I used to be the ultimate introvert. My weekends were all about reading and relaxing at home. It was so annoying when people asked me out, because going out would mean less time for my books and hobbies.

But after completing the course The Science of Wellbeing on Coursera, I have discovered the benefits of socializing. I have started to actively search for people to talk to, and it has noticeably improved my wellbeing.
At the moment I am building the habit of going out with at least one person every weekend.

A chill Saturday

Last weekend, all of my close friends have purposefully and mercilessly abandoned me. Nobody was available to go out with me.

After a little bit of complaining for two hours on Friday night, I took the decision to have a “me day” the next day. And this is how a chill Saturday was born.

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