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Having a home spa night is my favorite way of relaxing after a long day. I love this ritual so much that I get excited about it days ahead.

I have centered this home spa routine around a bubble bath. That is because it is winter here in Romania, so what could be cozier than a hot bath? Now, seriously, let us know in the comments. We are all looking for more ways to relax and feel nice and cozy.

Home Spa Benefits

1. A hot bath relaxes you.

It reduces stress levels and relaxes your muscles. Moreover, the simple act of cleaning your body will help you wash away the day’s worries and troubles. It is the perfect moment to disconnect from the outside and come back to yourself.

2. You get similar benefits as with a premium spa session, but for a lot cheaper.

Great news! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on spa treatments when you can create a similar experience at home. All it takes is a little preparation and the right mindset.

Put away your phone, say “see you later” to your significant other, gather your favorite bath products and you are now ready for your home spa experience.

3. You spend some time with yourself.

It is very important to allow yourself the time to do some things just for yourself. Not because someone else has asked you to. Not to accomplish a goal. But just because you want to do something nice for yourself.

Not everything you do must have a productive outcome. It is OK to just relax and breathe from time to time.

Home Spa Guide

Here is a practical guide on how to have the perfect spa night at home:

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A Chill Saturday Vlog was born as a result of me trying to spend more time with myself. Because, recently, I’ve been trying to become more social – I know, perfect timing. That is because I used to be the ultimate introvert. My weekends were all about reading and indulging in a home spa routine. It was so annoying when people asked me out because going out would mean less time for my books and hobbies.

But after completing the course The Science of Wellbeing on Coursera, I have discovered the benefits of socializing. I have started to actively search for people to talk to, and it has noticeably improved my well-being.
At the moment I am building the habit of going out with at least one person every weekend. But what happens when you are unable to spend time with somebody else?

A Chill Saturday Vlog

Last weekend, all of my close friends have abandoned me. Nobody was available to go out with me. But, instead of following a normal weekend routine, I have decided to have a “me day”. And this is how a chill Saturday vlog was born.

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