My Jewelry Collection

It was taking me too much time to come up with a more fancy title for this video, so in the end I have decided to keep it straightforward. Welcome to My Jewelry Collection! 🙂

I had so much fun filming this video! This has also been a great opportunity for me to rearrange my jewelry and put away those items that I no longer wanted to wear. As you will see in the video, I have a moderate amount of jewelry items but I feel like this is just enough for me. Anyways, each time I buy or I receive another jewelry item, I try to give away some of those that I no longer wear.

My top 5 favorite items in my jewelry collection are the following:

  • The CIVION pearl earrings
  • The PERDITI bracelet
  • The “millionaire” necklace
  • My silver Fossil watch
  • The Zultanite set
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