Back from the holidays

Hey there, so good to be back! How are you guys doing? How did you spend your Easter holidays? I hope you are all well and ready to get back in business. 🙂

Today I want to share with you the last outfit for cold weather, since the weather is so gloomy here in Bucharest. Who knows when cloudy days may return? This is why I have prepared this “cold-spring” outfit for you.

I must say that in this #outfit post I am wearing two of my favorite clothing items in my wardrobe: my burgundy faux-fur jacket and my most beloved ZARA jeans.

An outfit for cold weather

I only buy my jeans from Zara, because it is the brand that I trust the most in terms of high quality denim. I have been looking for a good pair of ripped jeans for months, until I have found the ones that I am styling in this Fashion post. They are one of my most beloved pieces. They are super versatile and comfy and you can wear them with almost anything, from an elegant blouse and high heels, to a casual T-shirt and sneakers. A perfect outfit for cold weather! Continue reading



From what I can remember, as soon as I purchased every item of this look during the summer, I knew that I would pair them in this exact outfit. I have ALWAYSSS wanted a red plaid shirt, because it is a timeless piece, and my mother agreed, but not in the good way. She said that it is old fashioned and that she had one herself when she was my age, but I bought it anyway, because I knew that there are endless ways in which you can wear this item.

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