I have discovered Fortnite in an Airbnb in Brussels last year, and I immediately got super excited about it. It was the first game of this type that I have ever seen and played. Disclaimer: I have never been a gamer girl, the only games that I used to play were Crazy Taxi and SIMS. I don’t remember ever playing a (serious) shooter game, except maybe for the first 15 minutes of GTA Vice City, which I’m not even sure you can call a shooter game. Noob.

But I like Fortnite a loooot! I know there’s a bit of hate around it, don’t know why, don’t really care, I’m gonna keep playing. It’s really fun.

Sooo here is me playing Fortnite:

I am not a complete beginner as you can see, but I’d still call myself a noob, from various reasons:

  • I look at the keyboard a lot. Which is really peculiar, as I am a super experienced writer and I never look at the keyboard when I’m writing text. But apparently my brain stops working the same when I play Fortnite, and I’m not able to change between shotgun and sniper without a thorough investigation on where is the 4 key on my keyboard.
  • I can’t build stuff (not without looking at the keyboard and being killed twice before I find the Q).
  • I die a lot in the game. But you can’t see that cause I edited it all out, ahahaha.
  • I sometimes panic and shoot random bullets everywhere.
  • I spend most of my time gathering ammo instead of killing enemies.

For the one guy who commented on my video “Not noob. Fake noob.”, please read above, dear friend. And thanks for watching and commenting, you are welcome to come back anytime! 🙂

That being said, let me know how awesome you think I am, on a scale from 1 to 10! I am allowed to say 11 since it’s my video, but feel free to give me the grade I deserve. 😛

Thank you for watching, many thanks for all the nice messages and support that I have received from my friends, and hear you on the next one!