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It’s been a while since my previous book review, so I’m excited to share this Red Queen book review with you.
Let’s get started. *Spoilers ahead.*

Red Queen – Summary

The world is divided into people with Red blood, and people with Silver blood. The Red-blooded are peasants, slaves. The Silver blooded are royalty, and they possess certain superpowers, mainly controlling the elements: fire, water, metal, etc., or mind reading and mind control.
The protagonist, Mare Barrow, a peasant-born Red, discovers that she also has such superpowers.
So she is a Red with Silver abilities.

She discovers her powers by mistake, in front of a large Silver audience, causing panic and confusion. Then the royal family lies to everybody that Mare is actually Silver, not Red, to keep everything under control. And they force her to get engaged with their youngest son. In fact, she does not seem to be forced at all. She just kind of raises her shoulders and accepts it. “These evil bastards, they’re taking me from the dusty roads and making me a princess. Damn it. Eh, whatever, I’ll just go with it.” Or at least that’s how I felt about it.

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Coco Chanel Book
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This is the Coco Chanel book review that you must read before buying the book. That is because it is quite a big read. So you should know if you are willing to invest a lot of time into it. Of course, there are some spoilers ahead.

Coco Chanel book review

I have been wanting to read this book for such a long time! “Well, since you consider yourself such a fashion enthusiast, this book is a must-read, right?”
Let’s see.

I have bought this book in December 2017. That is when I finally found it at its cheapest price: 5 $ ( 20 RON ), HERE. Before that, I have never seen a price below 13 $ ( 50 RON ). So when I saw this one on the website, I immediately ordered it.

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