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Happy Easter, everybody!

May this holy day find you in good health, happy and surrounded by friends and family.

Easter is all about being kind, forgiving others and helping those in need. Of course, being kind only on the Easter day is meaningless. But we may take this opportunity to start focusing on the good in us and the good in the world around us, so let’s begin right now!

Today I choose to forgive, today I choose to become less judgemental and more kind, and I invite all of you to join, and fill your life and the lives of those around you with smiles, warmth and joy. Let go of the past, stop worrying about the future and fully enjoy the present moment. Be happy for who you are, how far you have gotten, and how many opportunities are out there waiting for you. Stop craving for what other people have and be grateful for everything that you have, because there are too many people who unfortunately can only dream about what you have right now.

So take advantage of this happy day and stop worrying, start living! Stop seeing only the bad, start focusing on the good! Because there is plenty of good out there, you just have to be willing to see it and receive it!

I wish all of you guys Happy Holidays and don’t forget to always follow your heart, spread lots of love and never give up on your dreams!



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Yesterday was my first day at the gym ( from 2018 ).

I have posted an article two weeks ago about how exercising more is one of my 2018 resolutions. In the article I have tried to motivate all of you to workout and treat your body right. Because our body is one of your most precious belongings. Now, you might say “Well, Alexandra, it’s easy to tell us to go to the gym, when you don’t even do it.” And that is partially correct. Continue reading

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Hi, everyone! This is my blog. It’s been here since 2014, but I haven’t had the courage to share it. Until now. That is why this post, about my experience at GLAMOUR Street Fashion Show, will be in Romanian, for all my Romanian friends and acquaintances, who will now – hopefully – become the majority of my audience. I will translate the main ideas of this article at the end of the post. Until there: I WON SECOND PLACE! Thank you all so much for your votes and for your support!

În ziua în care am văzut anunțul pentru cea de-a treia ediție GLAMOUR Street Fashion Show pe pagina de Facebook GLAMOUR Romania, am dat click imediat pe link-ul care m-a trimis la pagina cu detaliile despre concurs. Am aruncat o privire rapidă peste trendurile propuse pentru ținuta de concurs și imediat am știut ce voi alege: accente masculine (voi fi sinceră, nu am ales acest trend pentru că am simțit că mi se va potrivi cel mai bine sau pentru că așa mi-a dictat inspirația de moment, ci pentru că era cam singura categorie care se potrivea cu garderoba mea).

În ce a constat concursul, pe scurt: fiecare participantă a trebuit să își aleagă o ținută în conformitate cu unul dintre trendurile toamnă-iarnă prezentate pe site-ul revistei GLAMOUR, și să trimită poze cu ea purtând acea ținută uneia dintre cele 11 ambasadoare GLAMOUR, listate aici. Ambasadoarele au ales 10 fete pentru echipa fiecăreia, iar pozele noastre au fost publicate pe platforma de concurs. Publicul ne-a votat cu note de la 1 la 10 timp de câteva săptămâni, iar media acestor voturi a contat în proporție de 50% pentru nota finală, restul de 50% depinzând de un juriu de specialitate, pe baza ținutelor din seara evenimentului. Continue reading




And I say it because this INCREDIBLE event has totally changed the way I was thinking about the fashion world.
I know I am very late with this post, but consider the following lines as my official apology.

DATE: 18 November 2015
LOCATION: Stejarii Country Club, Bucharest (luxurious, perfectly appropriate for the most glam event of the year)
GUESTS: the crème de la crème of the fashionistas society, plus the most famous eleven fashion bloggers in Romania
PARTICIPANTS: the most glamorous 100 girls, who were selected by the bloggers and graded by people and by a specialized jury
SPONSORS: Tommy Hilfiger, WELLA, MAC, Clinique, BaByliss, Colgate Continue reading

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When I was in middle school, I would always hear people saying that high school years were the best, that it would be the time of our lives and that we would always remember this experience. They were completely right. 
It’s been exactly three months since I finished high school, and today, since I was feeling a little nostalgic, I’ve decided to take a look over the photos from our prom, and they just reminded me of all the beautiful experiences that I had during high school.
Continue reading