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Having a home spa night is my favorite way of relaxing after a long day. I love this ritual so much that I get excited about it days ahead.

I have centered this home spa routine around a bubble bath. That is because it is winter here in Romania, so what could be cozier than a hot bath? Now, seriously, let us know in the comments. We are all looking for more ways to relax and feel nice and cozy.

Home Spa Benefits

1. A hot bath relaxes you.

It reduces stress levels and relaxes your muscles. Moreover, the simple act of cleaning your body will help you wash away the day’s worries and troubles. It is the perfect moment to disconnect from the outside and come back to yourself.

2. You get similar benefits as with a premium spa session, but for a lot cheaper.

Great news! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on spa treatments when you can create a similar experience at home. All it takes is a little preparation and the right mindset.

Put away your phone, say “see you later” to your significant other, gather your favorite bath products and you are now ready for your home spa experience.

3. You spend some time with yourself.

It is very important to allow yourself the time to do some things just for yourself. Not because someone else has asked you to. Not to accomplish a goal. But just because you want to do something nice for yourself.

Not everything you do must have a productive outcome. It is OK to just relax and breathe from time to time.

Home Spa Guide

Here is a practical guide on how to have the perfect spa night at home:

Before the bath

This is the moment to disconnect from everything that happened during the day. Leave your worries behind, breathe deeply for a couple of minutes and get excited about your upcoming spa session.

You can begin with taking a hot shower. I always shower before taking a bath. That is because I do not see the bubble bath as an opportunity to clean my body but as a way of relaxing and meditating. But feel free to do things your own way.

To make the experience more enjoyable, use your favorite hair and body products. After the shower is over, it’s time for the bubble bath. So fill your bathtub with hot (not too hot, though) water and add whatever bath bomb, bath salts, or bubble bath you are in the mood for. You can also light up some candles if you want to be extra fancy.

Now that your tub is filling with hot, nice and bubbly water, you can use this time to exfoliate. My favorite exfoliation method is dry brushing. I am using this brush from Savonia, and I think it is doing the job pretty well. This is also a way of massaging the skin and giving yourself a lymphatic drainage. But you can also use a body scrub, or skip this step altogether.

During the bath

Now that your bathtub is ready, it’s time to do a happy dance and get in. Also, this is the perfect time to apply a hair mask, it will work better if you leave it on for a longer time. Now lay back, close your eyes, and enjoy the spa experience that you have created for yourself.

I recommend you also bring a bottle of water, to stay hydrated. It will also help you keep cool if it gets too hot in there. In addition to that, you can bring in your favorite tea, hot chocolate, or even a cocktail. I suggest you go for a cool, refreshing drink.

Some people prefer watching a TV series/movie in the bathtub, but my recommendation is to keep it technology-free. Instead, you can read a book. Putting on some chill music – jazz, classical, lo-fi – will also enhance the relaxing experience.

home spa bathtub reading
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

After the bath

As soon as you are ready to leave, you can take another quick shower to rinse the hair mask and everything else off. A cold shower works best, to close your pores and cool you down after the hot bath. Now it’s also the time to moisturize your body, using your favorite hydrating products.

Whether you are doing this in the morning or evening, it’s time to award your skin with some extra pampering: face serum, moisturizer, face massage. Or you can just follow your usual skincare routine. The complete home spa experience also includes a face mask, preferably (you guessed it) your favorite one.

Then put on your nicest, fluffiest, coziest clothes. Fuzzy socks are a must, unless it’s summer; in that case, you’ll need fuzzy slippers. Now you can go straight to bed, or do any relaxing activities you are in the mood for. Dinner with a loved one, a reading session, a yoga routine, you choose.

Home Spa Variation

For those of you who do not have a bathtub, don’t worry. I got you covered. A hot, steaming shower will have the same relaxing effect as a bubble bath.

The steps to be followed are the same as above. Disconnect, and prepare for the “me-time”. Enjoy the hot (not too hot, though) water, and your favorite shower products. Pamper yourself with a face mask, exfoliation, moisturizer, all the things that you enjoy.

After you are done with the hot shower, don’t immediately go back to your phone or to-do list. Instead, go to a cozy place in your home and spend a couple of minutes with yourself. You can start with a 3-minute breathing session, then take a look around and become grounded in the moment. You may also enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the meantime, and give yourself a scalp massage or foot massage. Whatever feels right, and whatever you feel like you need the most. Breathe in and smile.

And this, dear friends, is how you can have a relaxing spa session at home. It is easy and low budget, you will definitely enjoy it. As I am always telling you, find what works best for you. There is no universal recipe for anything. Use my guide as an inspiration, go there and relax! 🙂


home spa bath
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com


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