Introducing: my favorite salmon brunch idea! I would eat this every single day and never get bored of it. That is because it is super delicious, healthy, quick, and easy to make. It takes under 10 minutes, or 5, if you’re a pro like I am.

All the ingredients that I have used are from Lidl, my favorite supermarket. Why? Because they have such a wide variety of products! I do not mind the fact that they don’t have the most popular food brands that you can find everywhere else. In fact, this is my favorite thing about them! Because every time I go to Lidl I love exploring their foods and brands, and I am never disappointed. Their products are affordable and high quality, so I recommend you give them a try if you haven’t already.

You will find a short description of the ingredients and the full recipe in the video. In the meantime, I will leave the prices for each ingredient below (at the time I bought the products, in May 2020):

Salmon brunch recipe

  • Bread: 2,79 LEI
  • Cream cheese: 4,49 LEI
  • Salmon: 19,99 LEI
  • Arugula: 4,99 LEI
  • Baby spinach: 4,99 LEI
  • Cherry tomatoes: 8,99 LEI
  • Eggs: 9,99 LEI

The price may vary on a daily/weekly basis. The list above will provide enough ingredients for 3-4-5 servings, depending on serving size.

(I apologize that the video quality is a bit low at the beginning. That is because I had an issue I wasn’t able to solve during rendering. But it gets back to normal after the intro, so hang in there! :D)

If you need something to watch while enjoying this delicious recipe, check out my chill Saturday vlog on YouTube! Or, if this recipe inspired you to eat healthier, make sure you also try my instagrammable oatmeal recipe. In my Foodie category, you will find a lot of healthy and delicious smoothies as well. So you can serve them as a breakfast or as a dessert after this salmon brunch!


Salmon brunch idea

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