Here we are, at the end of another 5 DAYS CHALLENGE!

You may be surprised to find out that this one was actually easier than the 5 DAYS OF FASHION CHALLENGE, a lot less exhausting. Obviously, that is because I got to live my normal life and not struggle to go out every evening after work. 😅

I wanted 5 DAYS WITHOUT SUGAR to be a chiller challenge, with less vlogging and more straightforward information, no fancy pictures and daily updates about how to eat healthy. (But don’t worry, vlogging will be back really soon.)


In the first day of the 5 DAYS WITHOUT SUGAR challenge I wrote that I am not sure if I am going to be able to complete it. Today, I can only say that it was unbelievably easy!

I may be a sugar addict. I was. Maybe I still am. Many of us definitely are, without even noticing it. I have tried to quit sugar for good several times, and only succeeded to do it for 3 consecutive days at most. But after that I would start to feel an actual, physical need for something sweet. Smokers may relate to this.

I am still surprised at how easy it was for me to stay away from sugar for 5 days. It was so easy that I can’t even feel proud of myself, haha. 😆 Now I dare you to take on this challenge! And even try to surpass me, if you can. Keep me posted on your progress and I’m always here to help and provide tips and support!

Today’s menu:


  • Spinach
  • Quinoa (recipe in DAY 3 article)
  • 2 boiled eggs


  • Beans
  • Fish with polenta and sour cream


  • Chocolate oatmeal (recipe in DAY 2 article)
  • Mixed nuts (again. love them.)

Overview of the 5 days without sugar meals:

  • Soups – easy to get almost everywhere, healthy and sugar-free, of course (I hope)
  • Polenta
  • Vegetable stews (peas, potatoes, string beans, spinach etc.)
  • Quinoa
  • Broccoli – eat as much as you can, it’s probably the healthiest veggie out there
  • Eggs


  • Bread
  • White rice
  • Pasta
  • Salty snacks
  • Pastries

Most frequent snacks:

  • Nut mix
  • Chocolate oatmeal
  • Fruits

In the article from DAY 4 you can find some tips on how to resist the sugar cravings – how to avoid them, actually. And now I would like to add another tip, possibly the most important one:

Keep yourself busy.

The most important lesson that I have learned is the fact that I usually eat sugar when I find myself in one of these three situations: when I am anxious, when I am sad and when I am bored. And today I have received the confirmation that the latter is a widespread disease which nobody is willing to fight.

My remedy for eating out of boredom or as a means of consolation in difficult times is to keep yourself busy. Find activities that get you excited, more excited than a chocolate bar would. This way you won’t feel the need to search for sugary dopamine whenever boredom / sadness strikes again.

5 DAYS WITHOUT SUGAR – Conclusions:

What I have learned:

By going through this 5 days experiment I have discovered the main reason why I usually eat sugar – boredom. This is a great realization for me, because now I can find the solution, now I know how to fight back.

How am I going to approach the problem:

From now on, I will always have healthy snacks with me, because, apparently, most of the time I just feel the need to eat something. Not necessarily something sweet or salty in particular, just something. So why wouldn’t I have some nuts or a banana instead of pretzels and chocolate, right?

Will I keep living processed-sugar free?

I am not a robot, nor do I want to behave like one. So my answer is: yes, I am going to reduce my sugar intake as much as I possibly can. But I am not going to kill myself just because I had cake on a weekend. I am planning to eat sugar consciously, to know that “Man, now I am eating sugar! And I enjoy it at this moment / I don’t really feel good about it. And I will adjust my behavior according to that.” I am not going to mindlessly eat sugar just because it is within reach.

Food is our fuel, and we should be mindful of what we fuel our body with. Eat whatever you consider is right for your body and mind.

Thank you for sticking with me throughout this challenge, and stay tuned for the next one, it’s coming really soon!

I have also provided you with healthy foods & snacks recipes in every 5 DAYS WITHOUT SUGAR article, so make sure to check them out! You can find them in the Health and Cuisine sections on my blog.



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