This makes me pretty nervous, because it is the first challenge where I’m not actually sure if I’m gonna succeed or not. But I do have high expectations.

I’m gonna make it.

As you have probably seen if you are following me on Instagram, this weekend I went on a short trip and I have broken many of my culinary rules (no sugar, no pasta ARRIBA bring it all).

So I have decided I need a detox. And by “detox” I don’t mean drinking fancy expensive juices which promise to turn me into a vegetable. I mean eating healthy and giving up on things which affect me in a negative way (sugar, refined carbs, unhealthy snacks).

I know this is going to be a difficult challenge because it is not the first time when I attempt to do this. And I never got past 3 days. Yep, it is that difficult. Sugar is everywhere, and it’s hella tempting. It’s fun, it’s tasty, it eliminates boredom and it makes us happier – pretty hard to let it go.

Therefore, I kindly invite you to join me in this challenge, we can support each other and keep each other strong in moments of weakness. 💪 So if you’re in, don’t hesitate! Send me a message and let’s go!

What aren’t we allowed to eat?

Any kind of processed sugar:

  • sweets (cakes, biscuits etc.)
  • pastries
  • bread
  • salty snacks (which most of the time also contain processed sugar)
  • juice (I never drink juice)

What are we allowed to eat?

  • Honey
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds, etc. – anything which does not contain processed sugar or refined carbs.

I have already started this challenge, since I had my first (sugar-free) meal two hours ago, and I am currently feeling pretty cool, no sugar cravings yet.

This challenge is going to be even more difficult since I have eaten quite a lot of sugar this weekend, so my body is used to that, which means it’s gonna keep asking for it for a while. But the only way to make the cravings stop is to get my body unaccustomed with sugar, by actually not eating it. So that is pretty much the plan for today: stay away from processed sugar and find some fun and healthy snacks to replace it with.

You’ll find everything that I eat throughout these five days on my Instagram stories.

Going to get myself an apple.

I’m just gonna publish this now before I change my minddddddd.


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