Living the life of a fashionista

I remember writing the article announcing the beginning of this series, and I can’t really believe it’s already over. It feels like so little time has passed, yet so many things have happened. Lots of videos, pictures and fashionable activities.

The purpose of this whole experiment was, I repeat, self-discovery. I wanted to live the life of a fashionista, and I did! 😀 I chose not to wait until “I have the money” or until “I’ll have more time”, I chose to do it now. Because that’s how things happen – in the now. Not in the future nor in the past. If you want to do something, do it now. Because tomorrow will be just like today and just like the day after and the day after and the day after. Nothing will change. You must change things.

I have learned several things by pushing myself to go through this challenge, and I would like to share them with you now:

What I liked:

  • Having my day documented in videos and blog posts, it’s a cool way of keeping a diary and seeing what I have done throughout the day.
  • Looking nice. I don’t know why our brains like that so much, about ourselves and about other people, but I think it’s because it gives us that feeling of belonging to a society, of looking like a suitable fellow, that many people would like to have around.
  • Doing all these things that I consider fashionable, it was a lot of fun to find entertaining things to do, and I really enjoyed experiencing this lifestyle!
  • Surpassing my fear of speaking in front of the camera.
  • Learning that nothing is impossible. All you have to do is start.
  • Experiencing with different foods and restaurants.
  • Doing whatever the fork I want. Vlogging without caring what people might say, spending money on things I like, fancy restaurants and expensive beauty services, without having second thoughts. This helped me find out what I like to do and what doesn’t get me that excited.

What I didn’t like:

  • Posting blog articles every day, just because I have “promised” to. I want to post because I have something important to say, not because “it’s time to post”. Focus on the quality, not on the quantity.
  • Always trying to find stuff to do, in order to have what to vlog about. Life should also be calm and uneventful from time to time.
  • Eating unhealthy foods (Starbucks, desserts).
  • Being on my phone almost all day long – posting, editing, taking pictures and filming everything. You can’t really enjoy the beautiful moments in life, because you need to film them. You live more inside of your phone than in reality.
  • Spending so much money on expensive foods and objects. The things that we own do not dictate our value. Our thoughts and actions do. But it’s ok to indulge from time to time.


If in Day 1 I said that I am really enjoying this whole experiment, now, after Day 5… I can say that it has been an extremely useful and enjoyable experience, but I am glad that I can finally take a moment to cool down.

Here’s a short recap of all the things that I have done:



































So many of you have sent me beautiful encouragement messages, a lot of you have helped me by voting on my polls, some of you also gave me feedback on what I should improve or what they didn’t like, and all of this has helped me so much. Huge thanks to everybody! And, please, if you have any comments about this experiment of mine, things that you liked, disliked, or suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear even the harshest criticism of them all.

Also, if any of you guys wants to take on this challenge, make sure to tag me or send me a message, I would love to watch it!!! Here you can find DAY 1: SHOOTING DAY, DAY 2: WORKING DAY, DAY 3: MOVIE NIGHT and DAY 4: SHOPPING DAY, of the 5 DAYS OF FASHION EXPERIMENT. Also, all of the vlogs that I did throughout these 5 days are in the highlights section on my Instagram page, under the name 5 FASHION DAYS. YouTube video coming soon.



I have almost forgotten to mention the fact that this whole adventure has costed me around 122€. 5 days of fun and excesses for 140 USD (569 LEI). What do you think? Is it too much, too little? Let me know in the comments below, just type the word “Much” or “Little”, and I’ll personally reach out to you and tell you what I think about it. 😀



One of the most important lessons that I have learned is:

Just do your thing, regardless of what other people say.

There is no right or wrong in this world, there is no universal truth. We are all just human beings, doing our things. Everybody is doing their thing. You may not like what I do, and I may not like what you do, but that does not make my thing better or worse than yours.

Everybody has his or her thing. And it is important for everybody to do that thing.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, speak out your mind, do what you feel like doing, don’t judge others, and be nice to everybody, even to those who do not approve of you. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and just because it does not correspond with yours, does not mean that you are doing something wrong.



I am pretty impressed, pretty impressed by the results of this experiment, I really feel changed and I have learned so much. I am going to keep the things that I enjoyed, and filter out the things that made me feel pressured. At this moment, I am glad that I pushed myself so much out of my comfort zone. All that filming, asking colleagues at work to take pictures of my outfits, going out every day, planning outfits and makeup, posting and documenting so much – it has been SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!

Would I do this again?



Would I live like this every day?

Hmm… For now, I am just going to keep doing all the things that I really enjoyed about this whole experiment (the cute outfits and experiencing with food and places), but I am thinking about taking a break from all that filming and excessive posting on social media, and allow myself a moment to breathe.


Final thoughts:

You can be anything you want to be. It is totally doable. Everything is. Don’t wait until you’ll gather an X amount of money, do it now. Trust me. Just do it.




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