Almost there…

This whole fashion week has been a lot more intense than I’ve expected, a lot of things have happened, I have learned so many lessons and I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone every single day. Which is why, again, I recommend all of you to also join me in this challenge, or any challenge of your choice.

The thing that made it so intense for me was also the fact that I have made it public, so I had an extra reason to stick to it. Maybe if I would have kept this experiment for myself, I wouldn’t have gotten to the fourth day and I wouldn’t have done so many things related to it. I am really glad that I have taken this decision, thank you so much everybody for being with me! I have received so much support from you guys, and I am extremely grateful for that! 😀

Today was a fashionista shopping day, you can find a toon of video updates on my Instagram stories, at @alexandra_bulac!


  1. Cool outfit – CHECKED
  2. Makeup – CHECKED
  3. A lot of social media posts – CHECKED
  4. Shopping session – CHECKED
  5. Buying expensive makeup – CHECKED
  6. Fancy desert – CHECKED
  7. Fashion blog post – CHECKED



I really had a lot of fun during this “fashionista shopping day”. But having expensive clothes and makeup does not make you feel more valuable. Absolutely love my new MAC lipstick, but I swear it does not make me feel like a million dollars. It does not dictate my value. And it shouldn’t either. Our value lies in the things that we do and say, not in the objects that we possess.



I have found out the reason why all these vloggers may seem fake. They are all super fun and active on social media, but after the cameras are off, they are just normal people. I used to judge this, but now I understand the whole concept better. You have to play a role in front of the camera. You can’t just be like “I am walking on the street. The weather is nice. Don’t know what to say anymore because I’m just walking on the street damn it.” You are doing the vlogs with the purpose of entertaining people, but real life is not always a roller coaster ride. So you either make it look like one, at least for the public, or you do nothing and wait for the people to judge you as “boring” or “uninteresting”.

I am not accusing any one of the two parts – vloggers and watchers – I have just stated the facts, because now that I have tried them both, I have a different view. I am still not sure whether to say if it is fake or if that’s just the role you have to play… what do you guys think?



The photo shooting that Maddie and I did on Sunday is here! I have to say that I am really excited to share this with you and I am super pleased with the results. Can’t wait to hear your opinions, enjoy! <3

If you want to find out the whole story behind this shooting, check out 5 DAYS OF FASHION – DAY 1: SHOOTING DAY! For yesterday’s recap, check out 5 DAYS OF FASHION – DAY 3: MOVIE NIGHT!


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