Allow me to introduce to you: “5 DAYS OF FASHION”, a series / personal experiment that I have been wanting to do for a super long time.

Long story short: in the following five days I am going to live like a fashionista. What do I mean by that? Well: pretty outfits every day, lots of makeup, shopping sessions, Starbucks, taking lots of pictures to show everybody how pretty I am… all that jazz.

And I am going to document everything for you, on my Instagram and blog, of course.

Now that I have written it down, it really makes me laugh (can’t imagine how weird it is for the people reading), because it sounds so confusing and uncertain. That is also probably because I myself don’t really know what exactly am I going to do. I do have lots of ideas, some of which I have already mentioned above, but I am not going to share them with you just yet. Make sure to check out my Instagram stories in the meantime! I will be posting daily in order to keep you up to date with the experiment.

This is going to be interesting.

“Yeah, but you are like that every day, with fashion and stuff”, you’ll say. But, as you probably know, I’m not that much into fashion anymore, let’s say that is because I kind of got bored of this predominantly fake industry. I still wear outfits that I consider to be nice, I still use makeup whenever I feel like it, but I have sort of quit using social media for entertainment purposes.

But in the following five days, I will do my best to live the life that I think a “real” fashion girl would have. Therefore, I invite you to join me in this experiment, either by doing it yourself, or as a spectator. We might discover a lot of interesting things. 😀

I will be posting daily Instagram stories to keep you up to date. And, yes, I will be speaking in English, in order for every one of my followers to understand me.

That being said, see you tomorrow with the 5 DAYS OF FASHION series!

Bisous, A

(trying way too hard to get into the character)

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