The life of an influencer – who do you want to be?

Lately I have been thinking about my journey, the life of an influencer, and where I am headed in life. Unsurprisingly, I was not able to find a clear answer to this question. But that is not what this post is about. To continue, I have been thinking about this place that I have adventured into, this whole social media marketing field. I have tried to put myself into the shoes of the regular 100K+ followers person. Because that is the goal of this job, right? Gain as many followers as possible. Make money out of collaborations and become more and more famous. This is where the life of an influencer gets you.

Who are they?

I do – or at least I did – follow a lot of such girls. We all know the story: perfect selfies, expensive clothes, exotic vacations, and so on. These are the people who have the perfect lives, everybody wants to be like them. I also once wanted to be like them.

But do you know what all of these girls become in the end? Well, they will become the people everybody wants to take a picture with. That’s it. But if they disappear, nobody is going to miss them, or care. Because there will ALWAYS be 1000 others to take their place.

As Kristina Bazan pointed out in her latest blog post, all of the girls nowadays on Instagram are the same. They all post the same type of pictures, they all try to look the same. Get the same makeup and hairstyle and outfits and poses and captions as other more successful copies of themselves. And I am also guilty of doing this thing, and I am sure that I am not the only one. But I am extremely glad that I have realized the problem. And from now on I am going to try as much as I can to work on it. No more forced smiles, no more photos “that sell”, no more fakeness. It’s going to be hard, so bare with me for a while until I get used to this new – and, unfortunately, very unusual – approach.

The genuine life of an influencer

From now on I will try to only share content that inspires me. Information that I truly believe in and that I believe can bring value to you in any way. Because, as Gary Vee said in one of his Instagram posts: “If people cared about bringing value to their community / followers as much as they cared about how many likes those people would give them, they’d have a lot more likes.”

And, let’s face it, likes & followers don’t mean anything anymore. We all already know about buying followers, apps and bots that bring you likes & comments, all that “follow for follow” and “like for like” bullsh*t. I mean, what is the purpose anymore? To see which person has the most money to invest in Instagram adds and in buying likes & followers? If that’s what it’s all about – and it kind of is, or at least it’s getting there at a fast pace – then I’m out of the game!

And I have used these techniques of getting more followers. I have sponsored some of my pictures ( around five of them I think ). I have used Telegram, which is suuch a pain in the ass and a perverted way of faking your popularity on Instagram. Yes, I am guilty of being, for a few months, one of the thousands or millions of people who are only preoccupied of how many likes and followers they get, without actually trying to send a useful message into the world. But this ends today. 🙂

It’s about creativity

I want my Instagram page to be my canvas, a place where I can express my feelings and creativity. I want to focus on the quality of my content and on bringing value to the people who are interested. Not on how to trick Instagram’s algorithm in order to gain more followers. ( as way too many people do today… )

I want my blog to be a mirror to my heart, not a place where I just throw random stuff in order to get fame and likes in order to achieve the glamorous life of an influencer. Lately I have been focusing more on the quantity instead of the quality. I thought that providing three articles per week would make people take me seriously and that I would draw them to my social media by bombarding them with content, just for them to see that I am there. 

I don’t want you to get me wrong, I have still put a lot of effort in my latest blog posts and I never shared anything that I did not approve of or that I do not believe in. But somehow I feel like I have lost the purpose. I have fallen under the spell of this fake social media world, where everything is just business. Where people only share content for likes, without having any real or useful message to send. I have somehow lost my message.

But I am getting back now. And I will do my best in order to support it and put it out there, for whoever feels like they need to listen to it.

I want my blog to be an amazing destination for everybody, where people can read useful stuff and learn and grow alongside with me. Because the world would be a much better and prosperous place, if we could all teach each other things, learn from each other, help and inspire each other to grow and improve.


And this is why I would like to announce right now that I am going to change my posting schedule, effective immediately. There will be no more Monday – Fashion, Wednesday – Beauty, Sunday – Surprise Article. It is a super tight schedule which forces me to spend less time on my posts than they deserve, than you deserve. And I do not want to feed my readers with meaningless content, like soo many other people do. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I am going to post ONLY when I have something meaningful to share with you. A life lesson, a cool recipe, a discussion about a certain concept, an outfit that really represents me and that I have put my heart into creating, a beauty trick or product that really helps me, healthy habits that I practice and that really make a difference in my life.

I want to help people grow. I want to have a meaningful message and only share things that I truly believe in and that could help people around me.

That being said, from this moment on, you should expect ONLY high quality articles here on the blog. Because I am going to work more carefully on them and put more soul into them, without having the pressure of finishing them before 8:00 PM every other day. We are getting to the next level. 🙂

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, you know where to find me. I am always at your service. Answering your questions, helping and inspiring you is my ultimate goal and pleasure.

I am very excited about this change, I really feel more relieved and at peace. I hope that you too will resonate with me. And I encourage you to dig deep down your soul and try to find peace and happiness, in whatever form it comes for you.

Before ending this article that is very important to me, I would like to mention a few people who have been following me since the beginning and who read my blog and constantly support me on social media. Robert, Miruna, Ana-Maria, Maddie, Simona, thank you for always being here! I see you there every time, and I really, really appreciate your support!

We will see each other very soon, until then, take care of yourselves, live honest, happy and healthy!



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