I have always been the type of person who loved rainy days. Don’t get me wrong, nothing motivates me and energizes me more than looking at the blue sky on a sunny day, but the smell of the air after the rain and hiding under a blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate… priceless. That’s why my absolutely favorite season is, without any hesitation, fall.

I am in love with fall fashion, maybe because I have always had this weird thing – and I hope I’m not the only one – for getting all covered up and cozy; it makes me feel safe. When I was little and there was a storm outside, I would go and sit in the corner of my room, between the bed and the wall, with one of my toys, both of us covered in a blanket, and not only would I feel protected, but I would also feel comfortable and happy. Therefore, the simple action of switching from tank tops to fluffy sweaters, from sandals to boots and from cardigans to coats, to me, is the equivalent of opening a Christmas present.

I aaalways get excited when I see golden leaves on the ground or in the trees, I love the taste of apple pie – which I only eat during fall, pumpkin spice lattes – which I have never tasted, but I am definitely planning to, the smoke which rises from the chimneys of the houses at the countryside, cozy scarves, rainy days, empty parks, cinnamon, pumpkins, brown, orange, red and yellow everywhere, fog, wet pavements, grey sky, good books; and nothing compares to the golden fall sunsets.

These are all the reasons that I could think of, for which I adore fall, and if you don’t love it just as much as I do, than I am absolutely unable of understanding you. Maybe you are not as melancholic as I am, or I have too much of a wandering soul, but I always find comfort in fall.

And in order to drag you out of the September mood for a few minutes, here is my last summer-themed outfit for this year, a photo shooting that took place in June. These photos were taken at sunset, therefore you can associate them with the sunset of the forever-in-our-hearts summer of 2016.











Photos by Alexandru Apostol. Edited by me.



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