I have been wanting to buy this product since I started seeing it on the blogs and Instagram pictures of all famous fashion and beauty bloggers that I was following. Therefore, after getting a very good grade at the math exam, I decided to reward myself with a MOROCCANOIL product.
went to ProfiHairShop and I started asking questions about the brand. The shop assistant said she was also using MOROCCANOIL products and she said that she chose this particular brand, even though it is more expensive, because the products do not contain alcohol. Then she started praising the brand and I believed everything she said, so I bought the MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT, which is a leave-in hair oil.

What do they say?

Get the silky, shiny and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. Moroccanoil® Treatment is the product that pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. The original foundation for hairstyling, Moroccanoil Treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine—leaving you with nourished, manageable and smooth hair with each use. Outshine the rest.


Apply 1–2 pumps of Moroccanoil® Treatment to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends. Blow-dry or let dry naturally. Apply on dry hair to tame flyaways, condition split ends and smooth hair. TIP: Mix a few drops of Moroccanoil Treatment with Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, Weightless Hydrating Mask or Restorative Hair Mask for added nourishment.

What did the shop assistant say?

The shop assistant told me that she has noticed a huge difference  in the look and feel of her hair after starting to use this product.

She said that the hair gets softer and the smell lasts even for three days after applying the oil. The 100 ml bottle can last up to 8 months.
She advised me to apply 2-3 pumps of the treatment (depending on the length of the hair) on towel-dried hair and then dry my hair the way I used to. The fact that I don’t also use MOROCCANOIL shampoo and conditioner does not affect the final results of the oil because I rinse off the shampoo and conditioner before applying the treatment. The product has 0 hold level and it does not leave a greasy look.
What do I think?
Not impressed. Yes, the product is good, but it is DEFINITELY not worth 55$.
The first thing that I noticed when I opened the bottle was the smell. It really smells beautiful, but the scent only lasts for around an hour on the hair.
I warmed the 2 pumps of oil between the palms of my hands and then I applied it on my hair. It absorbs really quickly and, after only a few minutes, I noticed how soft and extremely light my hair felt. 
Yes, the hair is shinier, but only a bit shinier than usual. 
Another really big change that I have seen just a few days ago is the fact that I have no more split ends. At all. This might also be due to the fact that I haven’t blow-dried or straightened my hair in a long time, but I have the feeling that this product has repaired my split ends. 
Right now I am applying 3 pumps of oil instead of 2, because my hair got longer and I feel that it needs more of the treatment. I have been using the MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT for three months and I have gotten through almost a third of the 100 ml bottle, so it lasts for a pretty long time.
What happened to my hair:
  • It feels a lot softer and lighter
  • It feels healthier
  • No split ends

As a conclusion, I am going to say that I probably won’t repurchase this product, because it is too expensive and it doesn’t do enough for that amount of money. I will try other treatments and I will compare them in order to find the best one for my hair.




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