At the end of the Glamour Street Fashion Show event, everybody received a gift bag with some awesome goodies. One of them was the WELLA dry shampoo. As soon as I saw it I started jumping up and down in my bedroom, because I have been thinking about purchasing a dry shampoo since the first time I heard about the existence of such product, but I would always say that maybe it’s better not to buy one and it’s healthier to just wash my hair. But I have arrived to the conclusion that there are some days when you simply don’t have time or you are not in the mood to wash your hair, and that’s when a dry shampoo comes in handy.

I have to mention that my hair doesn’t get greasy very fast, I wash it every three days, but sometimes during the third day I start to feel kind of uncomfortable because my hair is getting farther and farther from looking clean. That’s when I get some help from my hair bff, WELLA.     


What do they say?


Dry Shampoo



Create volume and a manageable matte texture to achieve your look. Refresh your hair and absorb oil with this formula with Tapioca starch.


Shake me, spray me, style me. Apply evenly on dry hair, leave in and brush through.


What does a stylist say?



North Baddesley
Are you a stylist/client? Stylist
What is your gender?  Female    


Refreshes. Gives matte texture 

Jul 03 2015

I love this product, it’s amazing. It smells really clean and it gives me a matte texture. It totally refreshes my hair!

Yes, I recommend this product

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What does Cosmo say?

This stuff is based on tapioca (of pudding fame), not talc, so doesn’t leave a powdery residue. What it does do is give serious, instant volume, without the tackiness that tends to drag your hair down after a while.
Inge, Beauty Director

What do I think?

The product is, indeed, very good. It gets the job done and it leaves the hair looking as if you washed it the night before. It smells nice and I was extremely impressed after trying it for the first time, and I still love the way my hair looks after each use.
Yes, you do feel something if you pull your fingers through your hair at the roots, but it’s nothing major. It’s just 1% sticky – don’t know how to describe it in other way.
Overall, the product gets a 10 and I am definitely going to repurchase it.   

Link to buy the product HERE.

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